Find Amazing Talent Overseas & Pay 5x Less in Salary

Finding the best talent overseas is hard. We make it easy so you can focus on what's important to you. And it's risk-free: If you don't make a hire, you don't pay anything.


Don’t take our word for it

See what our customers have to say:

“OhScout found us the perfect web developer for our company. Their expertise in global sourcing allowed us to find a highly skilled candidate who has exceeded our expectations.”

Rino Jensen
Rino Jensen
CEO at Støtteklubben

“OhScout made the process of finding overseas talent effortless. Their personalized approach and commitment to quality ensured that we found the perfect fit for our team. We recommend OhScout.”

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Samuel W.

“Found me a top-notch executive assistant. Stress-free hiring process. I highly recommend OhScout for any executive assistant search.”

Jaqcueline Wang
Jaqueline Wang
Owner, Real Estate Agency

“We hired a customer support specialist for our online shop. The hiring process was smooth and efficient. We have had an outstanding experience communicating with OhScout and will definitely return to use their services again.”

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Gunther S.
Owner, Ecommerce Shop

“Martin and his Team helped us find a talented accountant for our company. Picking candidates based on the recorded interviews made it really seamless and efficient, and the candidate we chose has been a great asset to our team. We highly recommend OhScout.”

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Neven Hennigar

“OhScout impressed us with their ability to find two exceptional designers for our firm. Initially, we only planned to hire one, but their talent was too good to pass up. We are thrilled with our new team members.”

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H. B.
Owner, Marketing Agency

How does it work?

Finding the Best Overseas Talent For You

Efficient Talent Acquisition: Understanding Your Needs, Finding Your Match, Hire Top Candidates.
In our initial consultation, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the role, your company culture, and the necessary qualifications.
We initiate the talent search by interviewing and evaluating potential candidates until we identify 3 individuals who are well-suited for the job.
You conduct the final interviews and choose your ideal candidate. After hiring a skilled candidate, you'll pay our one-time fee.
Hiring Overseas

Why OhScout?


You can either handle the hire yourself or use our EoR (Employer of Record) service to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

No monthly fees

You pay a one-time recruitment fee, and that's it—no more monthly outsourcing costs.

Don't waste time

We handle the recruitment process and introduce you to 3-5 carefully screened candidates.

Motivated Staff

Directly hired staff are 10 times more motivated than staff hired through an outsourcing company or agency, and they get to keep their entire salary!

Your hire, not ours

While most BPOs insert themselves as cumbersome intermediaries, complicating employee management, we don't. Every hire you make is genuinely a part of your team from day one.

Better retention

Bypassing outsourcing services offers you the dual advantage of increased flexibility and intimate team bonds. Thinking of remote work options? No BPO constraints here – make your choice freely.

Why should you hire overseas?

Top Reasons to hire Overseas

Boost your bottom line: Save up to 80% with overseas talent without compromising on expertise or efficiency.
Cultural Fit
We find talent for you in culturally diverse countries with a strong Western influence, making it easy for you to seamlessly integrate them into your teams.
Strong Work Ethic
Overseas workers have a strong work ethic and are known for their reliability, punctuality, and a strong sense of responsibility. They also tend to have a positive and friendly attitude, making them a great addition to any team.
Skilled Workforce
All countries we scout have a large English-speaking workforce with strong education systems and a growing pool of skilled professionals in areas such as IT, customer service, and accounting.

Popular Roles

Cut costs by up to 80% without compromising on quality

Some of the most popular roles we find for our clients.

Save Money
By Hiring Amazing People Overseas!

Hiring overseas talent can reduce labor costs without compromising on productivity. Get in touch and learn how we can help you.
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