How to Onboard & Manage Effective Remote Employees

Discover the art of seamless remote onboarding with our comprehensive guide. Dive into the nuances of onboarding stages, understand the intricacies of Filipino work culture, and grasp practical tips to ensure your virtual employees transition smoothly from new hires to high performers.

Guide: How To Onboard Remote Employees

What's in the Guide?


"How to Onboard & Manage Effective Remote Employees"


  • The guide addresses new clients who have hired remote overseas employees with OhScout.

  • The main purpose is to guide the onboarding process for these remote employees.

  • The objective is to transform the employee from a "New Hire" to a "High Performer."

Table of contents:

  1. What Is Onboarding?

    • A comparison between in-person and remote onboarding.

  2. Stages of Onboarding:

    • Pre-boarding

    • The first day

    • The first week

    • Periodic check-ins

  3. Filipino Work Culture:

    • General Filipino values

    • Filipino values in the workplace

  4. Practical Tips:

    • Instructions

    • Job description

    • Working hours

    • Feedback

    • Reprimanding

    • "Water cooler" conversations

    • Contextualizing

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