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We help you find exceptional remote talent from South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, and Nigeria. Our seamless hiring process helps you save time, minimize effort, and achieve significant cost reductions.
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Propel Your Business with Skilled African Professionals

Why Hire in Africa?

Maximize Savings
With a lower cost of living and competitive salaries, hiring from Africa could reduce your labor costs by up to 80%.
Diverse Talent Pool
Africa's rich talent pool offers a broad range of skills and specializations. African professionals are often proficient in English, and are notably adaptable, bringing a global perspective to your team.
Unparalleled Work Ethic
African professionals are celebrated for their dedication, reliability, and resilience, making them valuable assets to your team.
Innovative Minds
With a growing emphasis on tech education, Africa is emerging as a hub of innovative minds, particularly in the IT, software development, customer service, and creative fields.

OhScout found us the perfect web developer for our company. Their expertise in global sourcing allowed us to find a highly skilled candidate who has exceeded our expectations.

Rino Jensen
Rino Jensen
CEO at StΓΈtteklubben

Your Entry to Efficient Hiring in Africa


In our initial consultation, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the specifics of the role, your company culture, and the required qualifications.


Through a rigorous screening process and in-depth interviews, we identify three top-tier candidates, perfectly suited to your job requirements.


You conduct the final interviews and select the ideal candidate. Upon successful placement, you'll pay our one-time fee.

Why OhScout?

A Better Way to Build Your Overseas Team

Finding the right overseas talent can be a maze. With so many platforms and intermediaries, the process can get complicated, expensive, and impersonal. OhScout is here to help, ensuring that every individual you bring on board is a genuine part of your organization's fabric.


Handle the hire yourself or use our EoR (Employer of Record) service to comply with local laws & regulations.

No monthly fees

You pay a one-time recruitment fee. That’s it. No more monthly outsourcing fees.

Don't waste time

We handle the recruitment process and introduce you to 3-5 carefully screened candidates.

Motivated Staff

Directly hired staff is 10x more motivated than staff hired through an outsourcing company or agency. And they get to keep their whole salary!

Your hire, not ours

Most BPOs insert themselves as cumbersome intermediaries, complicating employee management. We don't. Every hire you make is genuinely a part of your team from day one.

Better retention

Bypassing outsourcing services offers you the dual advantage of increased flexibility and intimate team bonds. Thinking of remote work options? No BPO constraints here – make your choice freely.

Launch Your Global Hiring Success

Leverage our specialist headhunting service to tap into Africa's vast talent pool. Streamline your hiring process, find your ideal candidate more quickly, and make cost-effective hiring decisions.

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