Hire Top Remote Talent from Latin America

We help you find exceptional remote staff from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. Save time, minimize effort, and reduce costs by up to 70%.
Hire In Latin America

Boost Your Business with Highly-Skilled Latin American Professionals

Why Hire in Latin America?

Maximize Savings
Leverage cost-effective salaries and lower living costs in Latin America, translating into savings of up to 70% for your business.
In Sync with Your Schedule
The close alignment of Latin American time zones with those in the U.S. ensures smoother collaboration and real-time communication, optimizing your business operations.
Impressive Work Ethic
Benefit from the renowned Latin American work ethic. Known for their dedication, reliability, and positive outlook, these professionals make valuable additions to any team.
Talented Professionals
Gain access to a rich talent pool of bilingual English and Spanish professionals. Latin America is renowned for its talent in fields such as IT, software development, customer service, and design.

OhScout made the process of finding me a talented Marketing Assistant a lot easier. All I had to do is pick the right person for the job from 3 motivated pre-vetted people. I highly recommend OhScout to anyone looking to expand their global workforce.

Zander Van Der Meer
Zander van der Meer
Founder of Astogi

Our Process


In our initial consultation, we delve into the specifics of the role, your company culture, and the necessary qualifications.


Employing rigorous screening and interviews, we pinpoint three top candidates, optimally matched to your job requirements.


You conduct the final interviews and select your perfect match. Upon successful placement, you'll pay our one-time fee.

Why OhScout?

A Better Way to Build Your Overseas Team

Finding the right overseas talent can be a maze. With so many platforms and intermediaries, the process can get complicated, expensive, and impersonal. OhScout is here to help, ensuring that every individual you bring on board is a genuine part of your organization's fabric.


Handle the hire yourself or use our EoR (Employer of Record) service to comply with local laws & regulations.

No monthly fees

You pay a one-time recruitment fee. That’s it. No more monthly outsourcing fees.

Don't waste time

We handle the recruitment process and introduce you to 3-5 carefully screened candidates.

Motivated Staff

Directly hired staff is 10x more motivated than staff hired through an outsourcing company or agency. And they get to keep their whole salary!

Your hire, not ours

Most BPOs insert themselves as cumbersome intermediaries, complicating employee management. We don't. Every hire you make is genuinely a part of your team from day one.

Better retention

Bypassing outsourcing services offers you the dual advantage of increased flexibility and intimate team bonds. Thinking of remote work options? No BPO constraints here – make your choice freely.

Jumpstart Your International Hiring

Leverage your business potential with our expert headhunting service. Explore the vibrant talent pool of Latin America, find your perfect match faster, and experience more cost-effective hiring.

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