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We help finding you the perfect candidate to hire.

Hiring the perfect candidate overseas is hard and cumbersome. At OhScout we are dedicated to doing the heavy lifting for our clients by leaving no stone unturned until we find the perfect match. With over 15 years in the game, we perfected the process of finding, interviewing, and hiring the best talent overseas.

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Our mission

The mission of OhScout is to connect companies with the best overseas talent, while providing exceptional service and support throughout the recruitment process.

We strive to ensure that both employers and candidates are matched to their optimal fit, creating mutually beneficial and long-lasting professional relationships. Our goal is to make international recruitment seamless, efficient, and effective for all parties involved.

Hiring Overseas Talent
15+ Years
Successful Placement Rate
Lower Cost of Labor
Up to 80%
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Our Values

Our values guide everything we do: how we serve our customers, and how we move as a team.

01 Keep it simple
Simplicity is ingrained in our company's DNA. From our internal processes to our customer interactions, we always strive to keep things uncomplicated and straightforward.
02 Take action
Our approach is to accomplish tasks by taking decisive actions, which generates momentum. We believe in making mistakes, learning from them, and continually improving.
03 Transparency
We believe in sharing data, concepts, and plans... and most importantly, listening to others. By empowering others to grow collectively, we strive to achieve success as a team.
04 Win together
Our definition of success is when everyone emerges as a winner. We embody this philosophy in our daily interactions with our customers and colleagues.

Meet our Team

Get to know our small but mighty team at OhScout, committed to making a big impact on your business's salary expenses through global talent acquisition.

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